Racing Results

Overall Results May Series 2022

5/5/2022 CULLAUN RACING CLUB RACE REPORT “And They’re Off”! Thursday evening racing got underway last Thursday in a pleasant, steady, southwesterly breeze. Pre-race “psyching out” started in the dinghy park, where numerous new sails were unwrapped. Indeed, there was so much new Mylar and Kevlar on display, that you wouldn’t see as much synthetic fibre at a Kardashian family get together! A fleet of five boats started the first race in a conventional manner. The first beat was marked by a competitive tacking duel between Des and Kevin. Downwind, all boats showed good speed, and after an epic three-way battle, line honours went to Kevin and Martin in the Enterprise, closely followed by Des and Tommy, with Jim and Kevin in third place. The second race was marked by an unconventional start. A sudden breeze caused the entire fleet to surge over the start line as the Start Gun approached. Indeed, when the Starting Salvo sounded, most of the fleet were completing, what any politician will tell you, is the most uncomfortable manoeuvre, the “U-turn”! However, things soon settled into their rhythm. On the downwind leg, Billy and Damien got their knickers in a twist, Margaret OOD observed that Damien had a high pole. Make of that what you will! The fleet also saw the unveiling of a new manoeuvre – the Backsplash. This requires an enthusiastic tack to be followed by the helmsman, throwing himself backwards overboard (frogman style). When said helm hits the water, it requires an immediate scramble back on board with the speed and agility of a scalded cat. The purpose of the manoeuvre remains unclear. It might be to cool down the competitive ardour of the sailor involved? In the second race, Des abandoned his beanie hat for a more aerodynamic approach with good effect, as he and Tommy Scott took line honours from Jim O’Sullivan and Kevin Donlon, with Kevin “the wet look” Mulcahy and Martin Golden (oldie – Happy Birthday Martin!) in third place. There was a close battle between George and Bridog and Billy and Damien in the remaining GP14’s. From my vantage point on the shore, I could not make out who had to eat “humble pie”, but the official results will clarify. Brendan Glynn brought up the rear of the fleet in fine style. The fleet got off the water with remarkable expedition – one wonders whether this had anything to do with Mike Hayes’s earlier announcement that Gallaghers was open?? Thanks to Margaret OOD and Mike for setting an excellent course. Thanks also for Mike Collins and Grace Golden, who carried out the Rescue duties with quiet efficiency. Hope to see you on the water next week. Mark Windward.