Junior Policies


Medication Concerns /Allergies: You should request and complete the medical form so that the camp organisers and the instructors are aware if the participant requires any medication or has any allergies. It is the Parent or Guardian's responsibility to ensure the instructor fully understands any medical requirements, that may be required for your child.

If you are using your own boat on the sailing camp you MUST have your boat insured and covered by Third Party Liability Insurance with Indemnity not less than €3,000,000.

Safety: Please read the Cullaun Sailing club safety statement and be aware of the risks that may be involved with sailing. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have with a committee member.

General Release: I hereby acknowledge and agree that participating in the Cullaun Sailing Club Junior Sailing program operated by the Cullaun Sailing Club has potentially inherent risks, including personal injury or loss of life. I understand these potential risks and hereby release and discharge Cullaun Sailing Club, it's executive, all staff members and volunteers from any and all liability and responsibility and in connection with any harms that may occur to the junior sailor from participating in this program and agree to indemnify the Cullaun Sailing Club, it’s executive and all staff and volunteers from any liability or loss to the junior sailor. I also agree to indemnify the Cullaun Sailing Club, it's executive, all staff members and volunteers against any claims made on behalf of my child at any time, arising out of the administration of any required medication or treatment, as described in the medical form.

Code of Conduct and Conditions of Enrolment Form (To be completed online by a Parent/Guardian and Student).

Mission Statement :- The Junior Sailing Program strives to provide a challenging and rewarding experience for both youngsters and adults within a safe and supportive environment. Each individual is encouraged to develop his or her skill, knowledge, and confidence, at his or her own pace, and we in turn, will encourage an appreciation for the water and a love for sailing.

Safety Participants in Cullaun Sailing Club sailing programs agree to abide by the following safety guidelines:-

1. Personal Floatation Devices worn and secured at all times.

2. Wear proper close-toed footwear at all times.

3. No running or pushing.

For further information refer to the club safety policy.

Use of alcohol, drugs (illegal) or tobacco by any junior member while engaged in any activity sponsored by the Club are grounds for immediate dismissal. This includes camps, classes and regattas, both at the Club and away events. Specifically, during regattas you are considered to be representing the Club, and as such, should comply with this Code whether on or off the water.

Sportsmanship, Behaviour and Courtesy

Members of the Sailing Program are considered representatives of the Cullaun Sailing Club. In that regard, it is expected that all participants will conduct themselves in a manner as set out in this code and act in accordance with Cullaun Sailing clubs “Behaviour” policy as follows:-

1. Treating other students, instructors, club staff, and members with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or abilities.

2. Respecting the property of the Club and its members, including all buildings, grounds and sailing equipment.

3. Respecting the property of others, both on and off Club property, while attending camps/regattas.

4. Refraining from using inappropriate or profane language.

5. Refraining from physical or verbal abuse of others.

6. Demonstrating teamwork, helpfulness and cooperative behaviour.

7. Contacting the organiser ahead of time if you will be missing camp.

The discipline policy for administering the Club Code of Conduct provides that each sailor shall have three “infringements” with regard to any of the above behaviours, as follows:

First “infringement”–

Your parents will be called by the instructor and the transgression will be reported. This will be recorded on your file and the Program Director will be notified.

Second “infringement”-

You and your parents will be asked to meet with the instructor and the Program Director to discuss the first and second transgressions and to make a plan to avoid any further misbehaviour. The notes from this meeting will also be documented in your file. Third “infringement”- will be immediate dismissal.

We will notify parents to collect their child. You will no longer be welcome in the program. The definition of an “infringement”, is as set out above and as implemented by the class instructor and the Program Director. No refund will be given for a discipline-based dismissal. The Sailing Committee reserves the right to expel a sailor from the program with no appeal.

I acknowledge and understand that I am responsible for my child’s behaviour while he/she is involved in the Cullaun Sailing Club Sailing Program activities and will see to it that my child adheres to the above Sailing Program Code of Conduct and Conditions of Enrolment. I further confirm that I have reviewed the Code of Conduct with my junior sailor, including the possible consequences for infringement of this Code.