Club Training Boats

Booking of Club Training Boats (Omegas) outside of summer camps and adult training and trysailing days 

You need to be a paid up Single, Junior, or a Family member of the Club.
You need to be competent and have completed at least basic sailing course
The safety boat will assess your Level of sailing skill and level competence for that days weather forecast.
Parents should stay on shore with beginners that want to sail
As a beginner Its important to ask questions and if you need help or are unsure about any aspect of your sailing activity at the club.
The decision made by the safety boats or members on duty will be final and your safety is always top priority.
It is the responsibility of each sailor using a club boat to make sure that

the boat is properly cared for and if issues arise, Damage etc. it neeed to be reported ASAP when ashore.

  1. The boat should not be dragged unless on a trolley, with the tiller raised at all times.
  2. The boat should not be left unattended with its sails up.
  3. When launching and recovering from the slipway care should be taken to avoid the boat hitting the bottom. This should apply to centreboards and rudders as well.
  4. When sailing collisions should be avoided.
  5. No forced capsizing of boats unless its part of orgainised training with an Instructor
  6. If damage that does occur, or if maintenance is required, this should be reported when ashore to club safety / shore duty and  by writing the details of the incident in the clubhouse repairs book so repairs can be made.