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Start of Another Year

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Another year and another sailing season in Cullaun and what a great day to get the season started.
12:30PM, the compound empty of people and boats. 1:30PM, the compound packed with people and their boats back from their winter hibernation.

There was great weather for the first day of sailing this year. It started out as a calm morning but by midday there was a nice South westerly breeze and plenty of sunshine to give ideal sailing conditions.
By 2:30PM, all the boats were eventually rigged and I had figured out how to work the new engine on the Safety boat, so it was out on to the water for everyone. Eleven boats were on the water, including juniors who went out in the Omega's.

Seven boats started the first race and it was closely fought with three different boats leading at various stages.
First across the finish line was Michael & Niamh Haig in their Wayfarer followed closely by Margaret and Mike Hayes and Rae Hughes came third. Others to finish were Jim & Lelia, Des and Pat, Phillippe, and Mike and Sean.
Nine boats started the second race. Again it was closely fought. There was a shift in the wind during the race which was read well by Jim to give him the lead for two laps. The wind changed back again on the final beat and Margaret took advantage of it to speed across the finish line a few seconds before Jim. Mike and Niamh were in third place.
Back to the club house for hot tea at 4:30 after a most enjoyable day on the water.
Thanks to Billy for doing the time keeping and recording the race results and thanks to Marco for assisting us.

Kevin Ryan

March 13th Update

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Hi all

Just a quick note to  remind you that our sailing season start is rapidly approaching. Our first races start on Sunday week the 22nd of March.  This weekend on Saturday 14th or March  we would like to give the Club house and compound its annual tidy up to get it ready for the busy times ahead.

The covertrifoldCompound will be open from 11:30  and we have a few quick jobs to do to get the place ready. We will need to move a few boats, tidy up some of the hedging and give the Omega boats a good cleaning ready for the new season.  Tommy Scott and Mick Laffan have already put a  lot of work into repairing and fixing up any of the bits of the boat that were missing parts or not working properly.  We also will need to sort out the Anchors and the H Blocks for the safety boats.   The roof repair work that we did on the existing clubhouse has worked very well and other than a quick tidy up it is ready for the new season.  The more helpers we have on the day the faster we can get through these jobs.


With the Ireland V Wales Match starting at 14:30  ideally we would like to have this completed as soon as possible so that we will all be able to go home or elsewhere to watch the match.  Maureen Hayes, Margaret  and Lelia has been busy with getting the Instructors  and promoting  the Easter Camp.  There is still a few places available so please click on the link and book your places from there.  If you know anyone else who might be interested in this then please forward them on the details.

 Pat Beisty has been very busy getting our new brochure ready which will help us to promote the club and the Junior Camps.  Please see attached the great work that he has done.  We are getting them printed this week and will bring them out to Cullaun for Saturday so you will be able to take them away with you.  Memberships are also due for renewal at this time of the year and at the last committee meeting we agreed that members that have not paid their subs before the end of May would be penalised with a 10% surcharge.  Memberships can be given to any of the committee members or alternatively you can pay this on line through the website. http://www.cullaunsailingclub.com/index.php/membership  we will also take payments on Saturday.



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Download this file (Cullaun Sailing Brochure v2.pdf)Cullaun Sailing BrochureTrifold Brochure of our activities2668 kB

Spring Clean Tidy up day

Written by Jim O Sullivan

On Saturday 14th of March we will be having our annual Spring Clean up day. If we can get as many members to attend it will be great and it will tidy up the compound nicely for our boats to come back from winter storage as I was down there last night and the other boats are looking lonely.





See below pictures of our new Tshirts in the process of being printed getting ready for the new season.

tshirts at the Printers


Kids sailing camps

Written by Jim O Sullivan

2018 JUNIOR SAILING CAMPS INFORMATION  Camp 1`July 2nd to the 13th  Camp 2 July 16th to 27th

The ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camp for children aged 8-17yrs takes place this summer. The ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camp (JSSC) is ISA certified training courses run by ISA qualified Instructors who follow the relevant national syllabi, ISA Young Sailors Scheme (YSS) & the ISA Small Boat Sailing Scheme (SBSS) and lots more!

This summer camp is designed primarily to teach children the life-skill of sailing in a safe, supervised environment. Every day from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm, a whole new world of experiences is opened up for them as ISA qualified instructors gently and patiently explain the mysteries of the water and the wind and how best to use them together to command their boat. The theory that is taught onshore is put into practise on the water and with that comes knowledge, ability and camaraderie with other children that builds over 2 weeks.

As children grow in knowledge and skill they also grow in confidence and pride in themselves as they become more proficient and ‘master of their ship’. They’re outdoors, in the fresh air, socialising and learning with other children, a skill that will last a lifetime. It is a thrilling and exciting experience that can give your children memories for life as they develop a love for and confidence in, the water.


Equally popular are our beginner sailing camps for children who are slightly older aged 11-17 years.
The following ISA Junior Sailing Summer Camps 2015 will be run this summer for Juniors aged 11-17 : Start Sailing, Basic Skills, Improving Skills, Advanced Boat Handling (ABH) & Go Racing 2 (GR2) subject to demand.

Start Sailing

By the end of this course sailors will be sailing in light wind conditions with assistance from their instructor. It is their first formal sailing course. 


Basic Skills

By the end of this course sailors will be sailing on their own in light wind conditions without assistance from their instructor. This means that at the end of this course they will be capable of rigging, launching, sailing and recovering their boat in light conditions without any assistance. It is important that as well as having the skills; they understand the circumstances in which it would be safe to do this.

For the more advanced sailors whose sailing courses the emphasis is on achievement of further sailing skills and confidence building leading to competing on the national racing circuit, cruising the lakes and beyond and qualifying as ISA instructors to teach sailing.

 Click on the booking form to guarantee your place today




Bookings can be made online here or Please Book Here

Michael Collins

086 2531363

C/o  Cullaun Sailing Club
Co Clare


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Download this file (junior_enrollment.pdf)Junior Enrollment Form 309 kB

New Year, New Committee

Written by Jim O Sullivan
Club NotesWe had our AGM last night 28-1-2015 and it was great to see a good turnout and discussions on how to improve and how best we can grow our club in the next few years. Thanks to the outgoing committee for the work they have put in over the last few years and Congratulations to the following on their new positions.

Commodore Jim O Sullivan
Secretary Hugh O'Malley
Treasurer Samantha Harding
Sailing Secretary Margaret Hynes
Junior Officer Maureen Gleeson Hayes
Safety Officer John Corry
Social Officer Emmet O'Mahony
Property Mick Laffan
Bosun Tommy Scott
PRO Pat Beisty

we will be looking forward to seeing you all out on the water after St Patricks day. Anyone interested in Joining the Club then please feel free to contact us here.

2015 AGM

Just a quick Reminder that our Club AGM is on next Wednesday 28-1-2015 at 20:00 in Donnelons pub Kilkishen. We are looking forward to seeing both old and new members and having a good discussion on the direction that the club is going in and an update on the Planning Permissions and plans for the new clubhouse. Looking forward to seeing you all there.





Early Christmas Present

Club NotesFolks,
We have some very exciting and positive news to record. On the 12th December 2014, in response to our submission, Clare County Council granted planning permission to build a new clubhouse on our site at Cullaun lake. This development is the result of a very considerable amount of work done by the club development committee and in particular by Tom McHugh who is part of that committee.

What it means for club members is that we can now look forward to having an architect designed clubhouse rather than the porta-cabin we have at the moment; if you were at the annual dinner at the end of november you would have seen the drawings of what we submitted to Clare County Council for approval. 

Much work requires to be done if we are to bring this project to fruition; everbody will be called upon to do something to help. We will need some grant aid for sure, however, it's unlikely we'll get 100% of the cost. I expect we will have to raise some monies ourselves. I'm sure that in the great volunteering tradition that exists in Cullaun Sailing Club we will bring this project to a successful conclusion.

The AGM will take place on wednesday 28th january 2015; I would ask all of you to make a special effort to attend so as to listen to and then take part in the discussion of what we are planning to do. 

This is as good a Christmas present that the club could hope to get!

See you all at the AGM next month.


Prizegiving and Laying up Supper

Sailing Reports

Cooler Results

Sailing Reports

Laying up Supper

Penultimate Cooler Series races

Sailing ReportsThe second last day of sailing for 2014 started with conflicting weather forecasts between Met Eirean’s online forecast of a fine light breezy day and Wind Guru & RTE forecasts of wet and windy conditions. Before we went out on the lake it looked as if Wind Guru & RTE were correct but by the time racing started, the wind had dropped to a light breeze with no gusts and the rain stayed away to give a fine afternoon for sailing.
Racing consisted of three triangles and a beat. 10 boats started the first race. Chris and Aisling Caher started in the lead and kept it to the end crossing the finish line first followed by Mike O’Sullivan on a Laser and Margaret Hynes with Mike Hayes third in a Wayfarer.
Jim O’Sullivan and Kevin Donlon capsized their Wayfarer on the final beat but righted themselves quickly and gave a demonstration of beating and bailing to the finish line to maintain their place in the race. 
As the first race was completed within thirty minutes, we had considered lengthening the course but were distracted while we assisted Hugh & John in the safety boat who had lost power. They eventually got going again and the course lengthened itself when the Gybe mark started drifting down the lake. 
The breeze had dropped more when we got going on the second race. Margaret got to the start line too early and was facing back when the bugle sounded. Brian Parks had to do a penalty when he tacked too early and crossed Colm Ward who was on starboard. For the first two laps all nine boats were bunched together but by the time of the final beat Margaret had taken a clear lead and crossed the finished line first followed by Chris and Aishling in second place with Mike O’Sullivan third. Again there was a capsize on the final beat when Sean Hynes and Mike O’Dea capsized their RS200 but they got going again to finish the race.
Thanks to Billy O’Mahony for assisting me as OOD and Hugh O’Malley and John Corry on rescue duty.
Kevin Ryan

Cooler Series Update

After an extended summer into September and early October, the weather has certainly changed to reflect the Autumn season. Temperatures are falling and the heating has been turned on at home. Leaves are falling from the trees and the golden colours of autumn are evident as you look around the lake.

The forecasted weather for the weekend was not good. Hurricane Gonzalo was impacting weather with rain and winds F7-8 over Ireland on Saturday night into Sunday morning. There was a possibility winds may be too strong for sailing on Sunday. However, Sunday morning Windguru forecast F4-6 dropping F4-5 during Sunday afternoon. Arriving at the club early, there were still some grey clouds and gusty winds but as we progressed into the afternoon, winds slackened and blue skies broke through. While laying the marks, the afternoon conditions were perfect for racing. A triangle course was set for the first race and to provide some variation a windward-leeward course was set for race 2. 

Nine boats started the first race. Winds were lighter than expected, F2-3 from the south-west but was veering west in the gusts. All boats managed to complete the first triangle. Second time round the wind strength increased and there were some strong gusts. Mike Byrt in the L2000 performed some acrobatics at the jib mark and I understand Corannne was also a worthy participant in the excitement. Mike ended up in the water and retired with a sore head. Survival in the gusts was strategy for the race and some did not survive. Overall four of the nine starters capsized and were unable to finish the race. Margaret and Lelia continued their winning streak in the Wayfarer closely followed by Jim O’Sullivan in 2nd and Tommy Scott in 3rd place.

The course was changed to windward-leeward (sausage) for the 2nd race. A long beat/run was set up the middle of the lake. The sun was breaking through and the afternoon brightened up. Seven boats started the race. Same as the first race, the gusts provided challenging conditions. The long run provided ideal conditions for spinnakers but caution was the strategy for the Wayfarers (wimps). Hugh and David raised the spinnaker on the RS200 but were overpowered by the gusts and ended up in the water. 
Close sailing between the three Wayfarers kept Margaret from getting clear ahead. On the last leg, Jim O’Sullivan rounded the leeward mark in first place but made a serious mistake while tacking and took on a boat-full of water. He continued up the beat semi-submerged but boat speed was severely compromised. Margaret and Lelia crossed the finish line in first place closely followed by Sean and Sammy in the RS200. Tommy Scott and Mick Laffan finished in 3rd place but beat the RS200 on handicap. 

Overall, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. Air temperature was mild and the water temperature has not yet chilled to winter temperatures. While the gusts proved challenging for some, conditions were ideal for exhilarating sailing. 

Rescue was ably provided by Mike and Maureen Hayes who were kept busy assisting capsized boats, towing and ensuring everybody was OK. 


Cooler Series Race three and four Results

Sailing ReportsRacing report Sun: 5th October 2014

The second Sunday of the cooler series.

Sailors arrived as the junior training session finished. 
The breeze was picking up in line with the forecast with gusts menacing as the sailors gathered on the slipway for the briefing.
The appointed O.O.D. wanted to avail of the wind and sail so a substitute was recruited.
With the safety, weather warnings and race briefing issued the O.O.D. and Rescue set off to set a course to suit the occasion. The course and start line was set so efficiently that some sailors were taken by surprise, “It cannot have started already” said one helm as he set of in pursuit.
The conditions on the water were less threatening than they appeared from the shore and the two rescue boats provided the necessary level of safety cover. “Take us further out into the wind” called one wayfarer sailor, repeatedly, between races.
The two reaches made good use of the fresh southerly wind and the windward buoy proved hard to make as it sheltered in the relative calm and shifty wind from the hill to the south. A nice balance for the conditions was the consensus.
Two races were held and eleven boats raced.
Tom and Philip showed off the abilities of the RS400 on the fast reaches by coming in first in the opener and Margaret did likewise with the wayfarer by leading over the finish in the second.
By 5.00 pm all boats were neatly tucked away under their covers and another enjoyable Sunday sailing came to a close well before the promised storm blew through later last night.


Mike Laffan.

See below scores from yesterday after handicaps are taken into place. Tom Mchugh was putting his feet up and taking a well deservered break after winning the first race by a clear 7 minutes. Mike O'sullivan crossed the line second but with a pty handicap of 1088 this meant that his overall finish for the race was 6th Jim O Sullivan Coranne and Chris Caher finished within 7 seconds of each other in what was a well fought out first race to take second third and fourth place respectively. 
The HC is taken from the RYA portsmouth handicap system and if you did not start then your score is then calculated by the number of people in the race + 3 if you started but did not finish then your score is calculated as the number of people in the race + 1

Cullaun September Regatta

Sailing ReportsLast Weekend was one of the busiest that Cullaun Sailing club has experienced in a long time we had 27 Boats on the water on Saturday and 21 on Sunday It was a good sailing and social weekend with Visitors from Killaloe Sailing Club, East Down Yacht Club, Greystones and Ramor Watersports in Cavan there were perfect wind conditions for the sailors on Saturday and changing to very light conditions on Sunday. There was no disputing the outright Winner being Monica Schaefer with 4 firsts out of Seven races. She was followed closely by Henry O Freill in second place followed by Trevor Fisher in third. Margaret Hynes and Michael Hayes were the best Cullaun Club boat over the two days followed by Brian Parks and Chris Caher. We had a mixture of Wayfarers, Enterprises, RS 400, RS200, Lasers and not forgetting our solitary GP14.

Hugh Ward and Paddy Donlon sailed very well on the Saturday but seemed to slow down a little bit on Sunday letting Mike O Dea and Sean Hynes take the lead. They were the best Juniors and excluding Trevor Fisher they were the best in the RS Fleet. The best Improver without any doubt has to go Tommy Scott who’s racing skills have improved no end over the last few months if he can get that boat to point a fraction higher he will be giving us all a run for our money in the cooler series.

Obviously a weekend like this is not just run off with people turning up for the event so we have to thank the following people for all of the work that they put into running the event and getting the place ready for our visitors. A special Mention of thanks has to go to Tom and Paula Donlon who worked tirelessly on the BBQ and fed our hungry sailors at the end of Saturday.

OOD Chris Davis helped by Tom Hynes and Kevin Ryan
Safety 1 Emmet O Mahony, Samantha O Brien, Chloe O Mahony
Safety 2 Peter Rahill, Sean Edwards, and Thomas Drayton from Killaloe
BBQ Tom Donlon
Photos, Marco Cavaleri, Michael O Brien, Sean Edwards
Facebook Updates, photos and lovely buns Maureen Hayes
Site works in Preparation of the event, Michael Hayes, Brian Parks, Hugh O Malley, and Tom MC Hugh

If I haven’t included you please forgive me and thank you.

Below is a link to the photo Gallery with some of the pictures on the day there will be more to follow so check back after a few days. Cooler Series starts on 28-9-2014 and Foynes yacht Club have a junior dinghy regatta on that weekend so details to follow over the next few days.

Finally we still have a few places available for the September Cruise so if you are interested in coming on a 40ft sailing boat in west cork on Friday week for then give me a shout. You don’t need any experience at all just a sense of adventure. These places are open to the parents of the Junior sailors so if your available Friday 19th,20th and 21st and interested then give me a ring on 087 6601016.

2014 ISA Training Centre Recognition

Non Specific news

Junior Regatta Results

Sailing Reports

Please see listed below Photos from this great day and also the overall results. The Pictures were taken by Michael O'Brien and anyone interested in Purchasing a copy of themselves they are available for 10 euro each in high quality without the watermark

Cullaun, Killaloe and Foynes Dinghy Regatta

This Sunday 13th July we will be hosting an inter club Junior Sailing regatta with Juniors from Killaloe and Foynes Joining us. It promises to be a great day and will be followed up by a BBQ.

We are hoping to have a good number of Juniors out on the water but are hoping that adults will use the day as an open day for themselves.

Photos From the 2014 Pat Lawless sail and Oar festival

Junior Sailing With Killaloe and Foynes Yacht Club

Racing Announcements

On Sunday 13th July we will be hosting an event with Junior Sailors from Cullaun Sailing Club, Killaloe Sailing Club and Foynes Yacht Club. This will be great time for the Juniors as they will be able to mix and race with Juniors from the other clubs and see how there reacing skills coompare to others of the same age. It Promises to be a great day and will finish off with a BBQ at the clubhouse. 


Sailing Club Survey

Non Specific news

Sailing Notes (Thursday 5th June)

Sailing ReportsFolks,
Good sailing on Thursday night; it looking like there would be very little wind, however,
in the end a nice breeze came up.
Margaret and crew were first over the line in both races with Jim O'Sullivan and crew in
close contention. There was some good close racing in both races which always helps to
improve sailing skills.

On the Thursday nights a personal handicap applies; this means that even though you are
not one of the fist few boats over the line you can still win the race. The personal
handicap system gets adjusted throughout the series and is designed to give everybody a
good chance to do well in the racing. Assuming there are suitable weather conditions for
sailing on each Thursday then there will be discards; this means you will have the
opportunity to discard some of your "less good" results or if you happen to be away for a
Thursday night.

We had 10 boats on the water for the first race and then 9 for the second. I really hope
that we can get more boats out next Thursday, as with the long evenings it's just perfect
conditions for sailing.

Remember, adult training starts this Tuesday 10th June and then runs for four weeks; there
is also an adult training weekend at the beginning of July. There are two Junior training
courses in July - one for the first two weeks and another one for the second two weeks.

One other thing - can anybody who has not yet paid their annual subscription talk to our
treasurer Kevin Ryan.

Hope to see you all on the water soon.


Photo Gallery From our Sail Spre

Introduction to Sailing for Adults

Payment for the "Introduction to Sailing for Adults" course 
can be made by Clicking Here 

Racing Update 7th May 2014

Racing AnnouncementsLast Thursday night was a quiet affair for the OOD Chris Caher on the water with winds only getting up to force 3 for a while but tomorrow night looks like it might be a bit fresher and Seamus Harrold and Brian Connoly may have thier work cut out for them as Race Officers. Congratulations to Jim O Sullivan and Kevin Donlon. who took two firsts for the first time in a long time. ( thanks Luke and Michael Hayes) they were followed closely by Brian Parks in the first race and Margaret Hynes in the second Race. Philippe Barbotin came in third in the second race when his handicap was taken into account. It was good to see some new faces on the water who are only coming back sailing from last week and this week hopefully we will have a few more on the water

This Saturday weather permitting we will be entertaining the Tulla Scouts, Beavers and Cubs. They are coming for a visit to the lake so if the wind dies down a bit it will be great to take them for a sail and show them our wonderful lake and facilities. This Sunday then some of us will head over to KillaloeSailingclub for their regatta. See below the results after our first race in May. There are 5 thursdays this month and as some of the lucky ones will be away for one of the weeks then there will be room for discards so if you havent made it out last week dont be disheartened and come out tomorrow for some fresh sailing.

Come Join us on Sunday for Sail Spree

Open day this Sunday from 13:00 to showcase what our club does come along and see you might be surprised and want to join the club

2014 Spring Regatta Mixed Fleet

Racing Announcements

Laying-up Supper 2018

Written by Billy O Mahony

Cullaun Laying Up Supper

& Prizegiving

Date: Sat. 17th November­

Time: 7:30 pm for 8pm Dinner

Venue: Shannon Rowing Club,

Sarsfields Bridge, Limerick


€35 per person

3 course Dinner, wine, late night entertainment

Hope to see you all there!


For bookings contact:

Lelia: 087-9732936

September Regatta Mixed Fleet

Written by Jim O Sullivan


CullaunSC Regatta2018


Notice of Race


September Regatta 2018


An Open Event for Mixed Fleet Dinghies

Saturday and Sunday 1st & 2nd September

At Cullaun Sailing Club

7 races scheduled.  

PY 2018 Handicaps will apply.

  1. 1. RULES

This Regatta will be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, this Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. In the case of a discrepancy between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions the Sailing Instructions will apply.


2.1 General

All competitors shall comply with ISAF Eligibility Rules.


  • Entry Procedure
  • Entries will only be accepted on a completed entry form accompanied with the entry fee
    • Entry Fees: Two handed: €30. Single handed: €20 Juniors €10 per Person
  • Entry to the Regatta will close immediately before briefing at 11:00am on the Saturday.

3.0 Insurance
All boats shall have third party insurance cover of not less than €3,000,000 for each and any accident.

All owners / competitors who sign the entry forms are deemed to have made a declaration that they hold such cover. Owners / competitors not holding this cover shall withdraw their entry.


4.0. Registration & Race Schedule

Registration will take place from 10:00hrs to 11:00hrs on the Saturday at Cullaun Sailing Club

Lunches are not provided.


4.1 Schedule of Races

Briefing 11:00 am at Cullaun Sailing Club on the Saturday.

First Race, Preparatory Signal 11:55 am.

4-5 races on Saturday, 2-3 on Sunday.


5.0 Scoring & prizes

The Low Point Scoring System Rule A4 will apply, modified so that each boat's series score will be the total of her race scores with her worst score/s discarded according to the table below

Discards applied based on races sailed

Up to 6 races sailed -- no discard

7 races sailed -- 1 discard

Current year’s PY handicap system will apply.


6.0 Prize-giving

Prize-giving will be after the last race on Sunday. Prizes will be awarded as follows:


1st, 2nd, 3rd overall.

1st in Class if four or more boats are in the class.

1st & 2nd for Juniors. (The helm for a Junior entry shall be under 18 years of age on 1-Jan-2018)

Donnellan trophy will be presented to the best Cullaun entry.

Barbeque on Saturday evening immediately after racing. Location TBA.


Cullaun Sailing Club

Kilkishen Co. Clare

2018 September Regatta

Mixed Dinghies/PY Handicap

Sat/Sun 1st/2nd September

Registration Form

Cost: €30 per boat (Senior), €20 single handers, €10 euro Junior per person (+ €10 Boat rental)

I wish to enter the Cullaun Sailing Club September Regatta. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Class Rules and the Sailing Instructions.


Skippers Name: _________________________________________________

Boat Class: ______________________________________________________

Crew Name: ____________________________________________________

Sail No:         ____________________________________________________



Contact Phone: __________________________________________________  

E-Mail:   _______________________________________________________

Method of Payment:   Cash ____       Cheque____        


I wish to enter the Boat indicated above in the September Regatta and I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Class Rules (where applicable) and the Sailing Instructions. I accept that the participation of the above named boat in the regatta is at my sole and exclusive risk in every respect. By this entry I hereby indemnify the Cullaun Sailing Club, their officers, members, servants, agents and sponsor(s) in respect of all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection with or howsoever arising from the participation or intended participation of the above named boat in the regatta, and I acknowledge that Cullaun Sailing Club, and their officers, servants, agents and sponsor(s) accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss of or damage to property which I or any other person may sustain by reason of the participation or intended participation of the above boat in the Championships or howsoever arising in connection with this event. I declare that I have adequate Third Party Insurance of not less €3,000,000 and I will produce a certificate of insurance upon request.

Signature: _____________________________________________

Date: ____________________

Book your place today Contact Des or 086 8246760

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