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Sailing report for Thursday May 28th 2015.

Written by Jim O Sullivan

The sky was overcast as the members gathered in the compound at 6.00pm. The first race was under way at app 7:15 in a moderate breeze. 10 boats raced. A slight variation to the normal course was set, two triangles, a sausage, one triangle and beat to finish.

Mike in his laser got a good start but his lead was whittled away by the two wayfarers with Margaret finishing ahead of Jim at the finish. There was not enough of breeze to allow the laser to stay ahead of the wayfarers.

The racing was much closer in the second race with the fleet nicely bunched together at the start. Tom Mchugh in his Enterprise set out to lead from the start, however Margarete soon closed on him and a great contest ensued over the first two triangles, so intense was the competition between them that they took each other on a merry dance into another triangle while their competitors sailed the shorter sausage course to the leward mark.
It was two junior sailors (Sean Hynes and Mike O’ Dea in their RS200) who took advantage and went on to beat the fleet to the line ahead of Tom (Ent.) and Jim (Wayfarer).
The juniors are making tremendous progress this year, in the May series Sean and Hugh have won five races between them. The rest of the juniors are also featuring in the results.

On returning to the compound after a very enjoyable evening on the lake we found a new wayfarer had arrived, Chris Cahir has decided to try his skills in a wayfarer and no doubt he and Ashling will soon be coaxing “Madame Vice” into the lead in Cullaun. Congratulations Chris and Ashling enjoy it.

Tommy Scott and Mike Laffin

Race 1                
Helm Crew Class HC Elapsed Time CT( C ) Points
Min Sec Sec total
Margaret Hynes Mike Hayes Wayfarer 1112 40 49 2449 2202 1
Jim O'Sullivan Jim Wayfarer 1112 41 57 2517 2263 2
Mike Sullivan   Laser 1088 42 15 2535 2330 3
Corrane Tom enterprise 1115 43 20 2600 2332 4
Des Pat GP14 1130 45 15 2715 2403 5
Tom McHugh Sue Enterprise 1115 44 47 2687 2410 6
Hugh ward Colm RS200 1116 45 0 2700 2419 7
Billy O Mahony   enterprise 1115 47 48 2868 2572 8
Mike O Dea Sean Hynes RS200 1116 48 20 2900 2599 9
Phillippe Barbiton   Laser 1088 DNF   #VALUE! #VALUE! 11
Tommy Mick             OOD
Race 2                
Helm Crew Class HC Elapsed Time CT( C ) Points
Min Sec Sec total
Sean Mike O Dea RS200 1116 31 4 1864 1670 1
Tom McHugh Sue Enterprise 1115 32 9 1929 1730 2
Jim Kevin  wayfarer 1112 32 8 1928 1734 3
des pat GP14 1130 32 46 1966 1740 4
Margaret Hynes Mike Hayes wayfarer 1112 32 36 1956 1759 5
coranne  Tom Enterprise 1115 32 52 1972 1769 6
Hugh Colm RS200 1116 34 30 2070 1855 7
Phillippe Barbiton   laser 1088 33 39 2019 1856 8
Billy O Mahony   Enterprise 1115 35 20 2120 1901 9
Mike Sullivan   laser 1088 36 17 2177 2001 10

Pre Assesment Instructors

Written by Jim O Sullivan

sail 5

Congratulations to Aoife, Niamh, Roisin, Mike, Sami and Sean on passing their preassessment today. It was a Pleasure to watch them sailing rudderless, picking up man overboard etc. Apologies to those who couldn't make it due to change of day. Mother Nature has a storm planned for tomorrow!
Special thanks to Colm for all his work in organisation of Transition years, leading up to today. We are expecting at least three more to take part in Dinghy Instructor Course in October, so please let Colm know.



Cullaun Sailing Club Open Night

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Looking for a new pastime?
Why not try dinghy sailing?
It's fun, energizing  and kind to the environment!

Well done to all on the easter camp

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Great Week at the sailing Camp in Cullaun with Happy Sailors all round. Thanks to Maureen Gleeson Hayes for all of the hard work that she put in this week getting everything ready for the easter Camp. Great response already for the summer camp as some kids have already booked in now for their summer places


Why not start to sail this year

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Start of Another Year

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Another year and another sailing season in Cullaun and what a great day to get the season started.
12:30PM, the compound empty of people and boats. 1:30PM, the compound packed with people and their boats back from their winter hibernation.

There was great weather for the first day of sailing this year. It started out as a calm morning but by midday there was a nice South westerly breeze and plenty of sunshine to give ideal sailing conditions.
By 2:30PM, all the boats were eventually rigged and I had figured out how to work the new engine on the Safety boat, so it was out on to the water for everyone. Eleven boats were on the water, including juniors who went out in the Omega's.

Seven boats started the first race and it was closely fought with three different boats leading at various stages.
First across the finish line was Michael & Niamh Haig in their Wayfarer followed closely by Margaret and Mike Hayes and Rae Hughes came third. Others to finish were Jim & Lelia, Des and Pat, Phillippe, and Mike and Sean.
Nine boats started the second race. Again it was closely fought. There was a shift in the wind during the race which was read well by Jim to give him the lead for two laps. The wind changed back again on the final beat and Margaret took advantage of it to speed across the finish line a few seconds before Jim. Mike and Niamh were in third place.
Back to the club house for hot tea at 4:30 after a most enjoyable day on the water.
Thanks to Billy for doing the time keeping and recording the race results and thanks to Marco for assisting us.

Kevin Ryan

March 13th Update

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Hi all

Just a quick note to  remind you that our sailing season start is rapidly approaching. Our first races start on Sunday week the 22nd of March.  This weekend on Saturday 14th or March  we would like to give the Club house and compound its annual tidy up to get it ready for the busy times ahead.

The covertrifoldCompound will be open from 11:30  and we have a few quick jobs to do to get the place ready. We will need to move a few boats, tidy up some of the hedging and give the Omega boats a good cleaning ready for the new season.  Tommy Scott and Mick Laffan have already put a  lot of work into repairing and fixing up any of the bits of the boat that were missing parts or not working properly.  We also will need to sort out the Anchors and the H Blocks for the safety boats.   The roof repair work that we did on the existing clubhouse has worked very well and other than a quick tidy up it is ready for the new season.  The more helpers we have on the day the faster we can get through these jobs.


With the Ireland V Wales Match starting at 14:30  ideally we would like to have this completed as soon as possible so that we will all be able to go home or elsewhere to watch the match.  Maureen Hayes, Margaret  and Lelia has been busy with getting the Instructors  and promoting  the Easter Camp.  There is still a few places available so please click on the link and book your places from there.  If you know anyone else who might be interested in this then please forward them on the details.

 Pat Beisty has been very busy getting our new brochure ready which will help us to promote the club and the Junior Camps.  Please see attached the great work that he has done.  We are getting them printed this week and will bring them out to Cullaun for Saturday so you will be able to take them away with you.  Memberships are also due for renewal at this time of the year and at the last committee meeting we agreed that members that have not paid their subs before the end of May would be penalised with a 10% surcharge.  Memberships can be given to any of the committee members or alternatively you can pay this on line through the website. http://www.cullaunsailingclub.com/index.php/membership  we will also take payments on Saturday.



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