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Water is still rising at the lake

Written by Jim O Sullivan


Looks like the start of the building of our new clubhouse will have to wait a few more weeks as the lake seems to be at the highest level it has been at for the last few years. I suppose we have waited this long that another month or two wont make any difference.  Looking forward to meeting everyone at the AGM next Tuesday 30-1-2018


2018 AGM

Written by Jim O Sullivan

AGMClick here for more details

Santa's Arrival and Other News

Written by Des Mc Mahon

Last Sunday morning 10-12-2017 as the icy rain fell and the temperatures dropped I looked out my window and could think of nothing I would like to do less than stand on the edge of a lake, in the middle of a woods, in the middle of nowhere and wait for Santa to arrive. I am pretty sure that I was not alone in this thought that morning. However thinking and reality are different things. By three that  afternoon there were members up ladders, attaching cables to generators, setting fires and going about changing the appearance of a cold clubhouse and compound. Santas visit is a tradition in Cullaun and even on such a miserable day the helpers volunteered without being asked, turned up with no pressure and just got on with whatever they thought was needed to make it all work. At 4.30 that evening there were six adults standing at the edge off the lake on a beautiful crisp evening watching the sun drop over the hill (and Tom Galvin drift aimlessly towards the other side of the lake) with a sense of anticipation and satisfaction that turning up had been the right decision.


The lamps were lit, the fire burned, the children all arrived and after an hour of singing, playing and waiting, lights were seen across the lake and Santa came slowly across the lake to the sound of excited children (and one or two adults) singing jingle bells.
There was food, conversation, laughing and the enjoyment of the sheer daftness of the situation. There was Santa, presents, boats and the sheer daftness of the situation. There were children with torches making there way through a woods at night, there was an arrival on a glowing boat from the depth of darkness on the water and there was the sheer magic of the situation.
I started the day thinking I would rather do anything else and finished it knowing there was nothing else I would rather have been doing.
A huge thank you to all the people (especially Santa)  who gave up their time and energy to make this event, and indeed all the clubs events this year, possible. Next year we hope to have a clubhouse in place and our job then will be to ensure that we retain the sense of magic.
The news that we have secured a grant from Leader is a fantastic way to complete the year. This, as I am sure you are all aware, makes the clubhouse a reality and although we are not there regarding fundraising we are in a position to bring the club facilities to the next level without crippling ourselves with debt. Building should begin in Spring as soon as the water levels fall. (more of this at the AGM)
Grants are not given out easily and are the product of tireless work and endless form filling on the one hand and a lot of thought, talk and promotion of the club on the other. These are only possible if there is a belief in what you are doing and why you are doing it. I would like to thank all of those involved in this process but especially Jim O’Sullivan, our rear commodore, who can now perhaps relax and enjoy Christmas.
Although we have managed to make the clubhouse a reality we have not funded it completely as you know and with this in mind we have set up a fundraiser page which we ask you to visit, contribute to, promote, send on etc.
 As 2017 draws to a close on another successful and eventful season in Cullaun it is important to stress that this club belongs to its members. Your ideas and aims and aspirations for the club are important to the future development of the club. I will be in contact with you all prior to the AGM in the new year and hope to see you all there. Sailing is at the heart of the club, community and shared goals the driving force and members the engine.
Have a very happy Christmas and a great new year.
Best wishes,

Santas arrival at Cullaun Sailing Club

Santas arrival captured at Cullaun Sailing Club last Sunday.

Posted by Cullaun Sailing-Club on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Exciting news regarding our New ClubHouse

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Clubhouse Funding Update.

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better be good and im telling you why. Santa Claus has arrived early to Cullaun sailing with a cheque for thirty thousand euro from CLDC and Leader to help us finish our project.



Naughty or Nice list

The little elves and the big ones have been working very dilligently  in the background making sure that we were on the nice list. With all of their hard work Santa decided
it was time to reward the members of Cullaun Sailing club with a new clubhouse  especially for all the new boys and girls that will be taking up the sport in the near future.

The Commodore got very excited

He wanted to turn the sod straight away but we told him that we have to wait a few more weeks for the flooding in the lake to go down a bit. We were all as excited as him and  this is the best Christmas present that a lot of us have had since we were young children.


Building will start in early 2018

all of the ducks are lined up and an awful lot of work has been completed by the  building committee.  It is great to get this far and we want to thank them for all the work that they have put in to date.


Finance update

We are very grateful to all of the members that have made donations to help us to get to where we are today and at the moment we are twenty thousand short of our target.  We hope that the members that are contributing on a monthly basis will continue to do so.

We also know that there are a lot of people out there on this mailing list that haven't been given the opportunity to make a donation and so we are now opening this up to everyone and hoping that they may make a donation and share it on their social media pages.  We have set up a fundraising page that will allow you to make a donation to us. if it is a large amount we would prefer if you would contact us as we would rather not pay the commission on these transactions.  To help us reach our final target then please click here or on the link below
If you Donate 25 Euro we will give you a T-Shirt  and if you donate 250 Euro then we will inscribe your name on a wall in the building.  Other amounts are also welcome.  Please contact us and we will give you our bank details or alternatively you can send us a cheque.

Have a Happy Christmas

Jim O Sullivan


Laying up Supper Results

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Cullaun Sailing Club End of Season Laying up supper and Awards ceremony 2017.
Best Juniors :
1. Iarlaith Caffrey.
2. Niamh Edwards and Aoife Ward
Spring Series
1:Margaret Hynes / Mike Hayes : 2:Hugh and Colm Ward : 3:Jim O Sullivan / Kevin Donlon.
1.Margaret Hynes / Mike Hayes : 2.Hugh + Colm Ward : 3.Bran Park/ Mike Logan
1. Des Mac Mahon / Pat Biesty. 2.Jim O Sullivan / Kevin Donlon 3. Iarlaith Caffrey.
1. Sean Hynes /Luke O Sullivan 2. Tommy Scott / Mick Laffan 3. Billy o Mahony /Damien Hawkins
1. Chris Caher / Rachel Caher 2. Tom mc Hugh /Lelia 3. Eamon Benfredji
Margaret Hynes / Mike Hayes

Race Results 22nd Oct 2017. Cooler Races 3&4

Written by Jim O Sullivan



Hi All,

We started Sunday happy that Ophelia had passed over the boat yard without much interference the previous week.

The junior members were already hard at work on their Senior instructor course and storm Brian had cleared off a little earlier than expected. Leaving dry mild and relatively calm conditions on Cullaun lake.

Even the EXPENSIVE looking HELLY HANSEN jacket that was FOUND at the compound from the pervious week was still there. Contact Jim O'Sullivan if it's yours - or it will be used as 1st price for the Cooler !!! 

A course was set out based on leaving the windward mark in place for the Senior  instructor course. With a triangle, sausage, one triangle and beat to finish. The OOD judged that placing the leeward mark in the vicinity of some reeds would add something to the starts - and was (probably) safe give the high water level.

Both races got off to very good starts with several boats getting over the line within half a dozen seconds of the horn.

In the first race Chris led most of the way only to be pipped by Margaret and Iarlaith on second half of the final beat. Hugh Ward also swapped places on the final lap with Jim O'Sullivan to pip him on the line by a fraction of a second. The PY will tell a different story of course.

In the final race there was a good bit of role swapping. Iarlaith and George staging mutinies to taking over the tiller on their respective boats. Again there was a very good start by everyone.  Jim and Kevin took a little while extra to get acroos but good things come to those who wait and they managed to take over most all of the field by the time the course was complete coming in a very respectable second to the Cahers - Chris and Rachael. George also put in a very respectable performance on the tiller in the GP14.

All in all a great days sailing.

Billy, OOD.

Cooler Report

Written by Jim O Sullivan

Hi All,

the winds on Sunday gave a gentle re-introduction to sailing after our Regatta and September cruise.

Great to see so many boats on the water and juniors staying on after their practice time to try out the racing - we aim to keep up the extended opening for the remainder of the Autumn.

Thanks to Mike & Sarah Byrt for the OOD duties.

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