On Saturday 14th April we took Students from Transition year in the local secondary school out for a sail to see if they enjoyed sailing and being out on the water.  We had great weather and they had a ball.

Thanks to all the helpers who helped on the day especially the Junior Instructors who brough them out on the Omegas.  They were Sarah Byrt, Aoife Ward, Patrick Donnelan,Roisin Fallon and Luke O' Sullivan.  These were ably assisted by Margaret Hynes, Roisin Stynes, Lelia O' Shaughnessy and Coranne Heffernan.  thanks to all involved the students had a great day and wrote a lovely report on thier website  see below for some of the photos of the day.

13165859_481696862037481_4688450977108952928_n.jpg 13165934_481696875370813_4923865307180878969_n.jpg 13173810_481696798704154_4619094537110895407_n.jpg

13173994_481696898704144_3966546941709546759_n.jpg 13177068_481696822037485_1869836801660051536_n.jpg 13177583_481696975370803_352903547647868846_n.jpg

13177653_481696762037491_3503509489010381948_n.jpg 13178626_481696842037483_3248723441094237114_n.jpg 13237794_481696755370825_7086366419413953520_n.jpg

13239968_481696902037477_600434903807854303_n.jpg 13240623_481696818704152_8521526087622360722_n.jpg 1936282_481696775370823_7033469351971719291_n.jpg

race1.jpg race2.jpg