following on from a great turnout at the summer camps its great to see that there is still a large number of children who are looking to get trained.  Damian has been doing great work in keeping the numbers up and Des Margaret and crew having been giving lessons to get all the children ready for racing.  It will be great if at some stage we can have a mixed club Junior Regatta as it would be good to see how everyone is comparing gainst each other.  Maybe something we can do for the new year.

This Saturday 26th Sept we have Tulla Scouts coming to visit us and On Sunday we will have our junior sailing in the morning again and adults racing in the afternoon.  

Last weekends racing started with very little wind but great heat in the sun and without much chance of breaking any speed records 12 boats headed for the start line and im sad to stay that if they were still there they wouldnt of been able to compete a full triangle.  But the weather was great and there was no one complaining
Finally we have an order going in next week for some more Tshirts   so if you would like to order one or more then please ConacThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  All orders have to be in by next Monday 28-9-2020.

M: + 353 86 374 0508  
They are available in the following 

Jr Sizes: 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13 & 14-15. 
Adult sizes: XL, X, M & S. 

Light Graphite, Chocolate, Heather Purple, Classic Olive, Heather Navy, Royal Navy, Royal Blue, Orange, Navy, Fuchsia.